How Per U server colocation can help your business

Learn how SMBs benefit from 1u server hosting in Montreal for their IT needs.

What is 1U server colocation?


Traditionnally, companies had to build a server room the their offices and locally host their IT to serve their internal needs and their customers as well.

This way of hosting IT is costly, requires alot of maintenance and is poorly scalable. Therefore, large companies have started to rent power and space in colocation data centers. Colocation data centers allow companies of all sizes to benefit from the same quality of data centers (redundant power, cooling and internet access) than Fortune 500 companies.

Typically, companies will rent full private cabinets, but for SMBs or companies with clients all arround the world, it can be quite expensive to rend private cabinets. To solve this issue, SharedColo offers colocation at the server level. Clients can simply rent the space required for one or more servers and pay as they grow.

What are the advantages of Per U server colocation

Great uptime

Our data centers are built from the ground up to provide 100% uptime to our customers. From large Cloud providers to many governement agencies, many important organisations trust the same providers as we do to ensure business continuity.


Lower TCO

As our clients only have to pay for the amount of servers they need to host, they can easily scale their costs as they grow.

Benefit from the cost scalability of the Cloud but with the predictability and security of traditionnal IT.


Cheap connectivity

Renting internet access at your business address can be extremely expensive. With costs as low as C$ 0.18/Mbps, colocation data centers allows your infrastructure to be hyper-connected for the best performance.


Practical use cases

Here is how our clients benefit make use of 1u server colocation in our Montreal data centers

Guaranteed Uptime

Many SMBs are affected by downtime. Ensure your business maintains its operations active even in the event of a power failure.

Secure Backups

Backup your servers to a secure data center to ensure business continuity.

Private Cloud & Cloud Access

Build your own dedicated Cloud at a low cost. Complete your infrastructure with low latency access to AWS and other major Cloud providers.

Content Delivery Networks

CDNs help SAAS companies to efficiently distribute their content to their clients. Montreal provides low latency to over 70% of Canada’s population.

Plan today, deploy tomorrow

Our team will help you deploy your data center in a very short turn over time.