Start with a single server and expand as you need.


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All COLO Plans Include 

Secured Hosting

Our data centers are highly secure and require multiple authentication methods to be accessed.

Unmetered Bandwitdth

Use your network connection as much as you like.

Great connectivity

Our data center has multiple fiber paths to ensure network availability.

Network Options

Extra IP's

Need extra IP’s? We can provide up to IPv4 /24’s and IPv6 /48’s

Guaranteed bandwidth

We can provide 1Gb/s Guaranteed bandwidth ports at C$ 350/month.

Bring your own fiber

Need to access a specific carrier? We can connect your server to the ISP of your choice.

Bring your own router

You have multiple servers? Install your own router and build your private network.

Other Options

Reserved Space

Need space for future servers? Just reserve the U’s you need.

Remote hands

Let us know what you need to be done, and an expert technician will get it done.

IPMI Access

Your server has IPMI ? Connect it to a private network and access it over VPN. Starting at C$ 15/month.